our approach

While each business is unique, we tend to follow a six step process when engaging a client. This allows us to ensure that we have an accurate understanding of the business needs, goals, budget and timeline.

1. Business Needs

Engagements kick off with an on-premise assessment of: operational, financial, technological and procurement needs of the business.

4. Implementation

The implementation stage will be tacked in a phased approach, ranging from solution set-up & customization to development of accompanying S.O.P’s alongside training  to ensure long-term retention of solution benefit.

2. Presentation
of Findings

Upon completion of the assessment, clients can expect a presentation of findings alongside analysis and recommendations based on analyses.

5. Implementation

Following the implementation of a solution, as an advising firm Rooted doesn’t just disappear, we will be on-premise during the stage following implementation to review, adjust and improve the solution; ensuring a customized successful implementation.

3. Implementation

If the project includes a technology component, this stage is where the historical business data will be prepared for migration to your chosen solution.

6. On-going

Many businesses find that they don’t have an immediate need to scale their workforce once they realize operational and technological efficiencies. In these instances, Rooted offers the on-going services of the same individuals that implemented the solution until your business benefits from the added payroll expense.

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